Fuel Tank/ "Superfiller"


…….in a nutshell:

Have a look through our gallery this many help with the different variations of filler

within reason parts can be anodised to your requirements

If you ship your tank to us we will return will all fabrication/welding completed & inc. filler   £1041.67 + VAT + return shipping

….or all parts required for you to fit/get fitted (welded-in) locally £791.67 + VAT + shipping  

The overall size is 122 x 222mm and the weld in adapter plate for the fillers is 131 x 231mm

We have a selection of "old school" tanks, some already modified that are for sale

We are more than happy to source good condition tanks also

Do hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1629 735071 or please email info@racefit.co.uk

…and there are a good few variables with this one so please inc. your phone no and notes