Titanium removable baffle for all Racefit Growler and Legend designed to reduce noise.

Please note this baffle will NOT fit the Black Edition or Growler-X.

The wrapped version, as shown in photo 2, provides even more noise suppression.


Regarding race bikes: for superbikes 750 and over – ACU/FIM rules are 105 +/- 2db at 5,500rpm

Regarding track days: most tracks seem to adopt the same 105db limit, but  they do seem to take the rules literally. Measurements are usually taken in pit lane with all sorts of other noise going on around and it’s not particularly scientific/accurate/fair.  In the main we don’t have problems with our exhausts on loud track days and if we do a baffle should knock a few db off and solve the problem. Obviously don’t try using any aftermarket exhaust on a quiet track day!

NB Official “ride by” noise tests on new bikes are carried out on certified tarmac, under very strict conditions