Street Triple 765 R - RS - Moto2 2023 - 24 Growler Full System


Growler Full System 

765 'welded exhaust system'. The solution.......... 

Teaming the original 'Growler' with Triumph (new) OEM non-welded headers, we have the best answer. No compromises!

When can I have IT?

For delivery: Now!

As usual, we give you the best solution. Fitting is painless and straightforward. 

However, installation depends on the mechanical aptitude of the individual. Racefit gives the fitting process a 4/10 for mechanical difficulty. If you are unsure or do not feel confident with mechanical tasks, please get in touch with a professional for assistance.

Sleeve options:

Carbon Fibre, Titanium or Titanium Etched sleeve

150mm length sleeve

Confused with the different options? Please click here


Fits the R - RS - Moto2 models

Mounts to standard OEM footrest 


"remapping", our tests have found that no adjustment is required. 

Fault codes/EMLs:

No fault codes or EMLs are present after fitting the exhaust.


Racefit Growler - Complete titanium construction, including all internal parts 

Autoclaved carbon fibre

Brush (factory) finish, unpolished welds

Triumph headers (new)

What do you get?

Growler Slip-on (direct to headers - No link pipe required)

Triumph headers (new)

The fitting kit includes: 

Exhaust -


Triumph headers

OEM gaskets/clamps -

Sleeve, exhaust, flanged

Gasket, exhaust 

Clamp, exhaust


Retains "CAT" and cover 

*Improved performance

No cutting of headers

Massive weight saving

No compromises


No other modifications required

Everything is included for installation 

Also available for this model:

NRI/removable baffle (available separately)


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