LEGEND Titanium


LEGEND Full System

GS    GSX    Z1     F1-TT (Harris)     XR69 (Trident Eng.)


IIdeally, we would have the bike in, but possibly due to your location, we would build your system on one of our bikes or a bike sourced locally. We would supply collars, flanges (anodised alloy), springs, header pipes, collector, link pipe and silencer with a mounting boss on the link pipe as per your req. In some cases, you may need to fabricate (or someone local to you) the hanger to mount to the footrest/frame, etc. We wouldn’t want to guess the position.

The whole system weighs in under 3kg, and they look and sound amazing in the flesh

•Complete titanium construction including all internal parts
•Brushed (factory) finish unpolished welds
•NRI/removable baffle to reduce noise (available separately)

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