S1000 RR to 2014 Growler


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Our new generation Growler exhaust, with all of the usual trade mark Racefit details, all titanium construction, super light with all the power gains of our original icon Growlers which this new model will run along side.

Racefit:  Passionate, obsessive, imaginative, enthusiastic, successful & British

Racefit:  Tube-bending perfectionproducts perfectly hand fabricated using the ultimate exhaust construction material - titanium 

Racefit: Racing parts for your superbike.

•Complete titanium construction including all internal parts
Brushed (factory) finish unpolished welds


•Improved performance

•Retains pillion footrests if required
•No other modifications required

Also available for this model:
Paddock Stand (available separately)

•Baffle/NRI (available separately)

What is Etching?
•Please see info page