Street Triple 765 R - RS - Moto2 2023 - 24 Growler Full System


Growler Full System 

765 'welded exhaust system'. The solution.......... 

Teaming the original 'Growler' with Triumph (new) OEM non-welded headers, we have the best answer. No compromises!

As usual, we give you the best solution. Fitting is painless and straightforward. 

However, installation depends on the mechanical aptitude of the individual. Racefit gives the fitting process a 4/10 for mechanical difficulty. If you are unsure or do not feel confident with mechanical tasks, please get in touch with a professional for assistance.

Sleeve options:

Carbon Fibre, Titanium or Titanium Etched sleeve

150mm length sleeve

Confused with the different options? Please click here


Fits the R - RS - Moto2 models

Mounts to standard OEM footrest 


"remapping", our tests have found that no adjustment is required. 

Fault codes/EMLs:

No fault codes or EMLs are present after fitting the exhaust.


Racefit Growler - Complete titanium construction, including all internal parts 

Autoclaved carbon fibre

Brush (factory) finish, unpolished welds

Triumph headers (new)

What do you get?

Growler Slip-on (direct to headers - No link pipe required)

Triumph headers (new)

The fitting kit includes: 

Exhaust -


Triumph headers

OEM gaskets/clamps -

Sleeve, exhaust, flanged

Gasket, exhaust 

Clamp, exhaust


Retains "CAT" and cover 

*Improved performance

No cutting of headers

Massive weight saving

No compromises


No other modifications required

Everything is included for installation 

Also available for this model:

NRI/removable baffle (available separately)


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