Speed Triple 1200 RS 2021 Growler-X


Racefit supply all necessary parts and information to fit the exhaust, accompanied by comprehensive instructions and a video guide. 

Exhaust Valve/Servo

Racefit provides a "valve solution" which the customer, dealer/garage will install. The solution is designed with the customer in mind. However, installation depends on the mechanical aptitude of the individual. Racefit give the fitting process a 5/10 for mechanical difficulty.  


"remapping", our tests have found that no adjustment is required. 

Fault codes/EMLs

No fault codes or EMLs are present after fitting the exhaust and "valve solution".


  • Titanium or Titanium Etched sleeve
  • 150mm length sleeve
  • Welded-in Diffuser

Confused with the different options? Please click here


  • Complete titanium construction, including all internal parts 
  • Brush (factory) finish, unpolished welds


  • Fits onto standard OEM headers 
  • Retains “CAT” cover
  • Improved performance
  • Fits onto standard OEM footrest
  • Retains pillion footrest if required
  • Everything is included for installation 


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